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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meeting Richie

To tell a story you must beging at the start which is sometimes hard to do because how to you pick a start in life I can not remember my beginning and my beginning began before I was born. How can I as a writer tell you these stories without being basised. in My life I try to look at thing in a neturel view and I am very good at it but these stories there is no way to tell them without knowing me and honestly knowing me most people do not like me I am one thing but I am not I am a asshole but if people could see how I see things they would understand I do not try to be such a asshole I do not try to be this unlovable creature I just try to be me and honestly it pisses people off I feel unwanted unloved every night I wonder why I am a thing that has been passed around and deemed not to be worthy to hold that person agian. Every night I lay my head to rest wishing my arms were full and I could hold someone. the want for someone to want me to be there for them for someone to need me in their life. It seems it is the unthinkable to ask but it's all I ask my list of dreams are so small that unlike other people I could easily profill them in a night and die happy.

to help people

to love and be loved

and thats it to be accepted fully for me no one has yet been able to do that they have been able to love someone

I met Richie on adam for adam two weeks poir to this I was dating David otherwise known as army boi. I had been talking to him for a year we had made it offical at new years under the fireworks in my drive wave now not in a car no just by my door and all but see I have this rule when I am dating you can sleep with me as long as at the end of the night if you are able to you are with me and thinking only of me this rule has broken alot of my relationships. Richie was a tombbone able to get out of high school had just had his birthday a month earlier he just turned 18. I had my drag queen/ wanna be sometimes transgendered friend bring me there see I have never had a car of my own. Something about meeting Richie is that I never saw a picture I read a brief bio and his stats from that I gathered he was someone I was intrested in. We always fought of who messaged who first see I say he did and I of course know he did. When we pulled up he was standing on his pathway his house was that of a mansion here. it was beautiful and farther more he was in that moment perfection his gaurded eye his rigid stance his image still comsumes my mind as I think back to that night. There was one thing that threw my best friend off. He's you. This boy did look very much like me except he had a enlarged adams apple where I have nearly none he is a inch shorter and his hair swoops to the oppisite side then mine. These things I didnt realise till a much later date. All I could feel was sparks that feeling is not one I will easily forget. I knew we introduced ourselves I course called myself Peter like always. He opened the right side of the beautiful thick glass doors. As I said his home was stunning. The cealing of the foyer going all the way up to the second story and the glass candalier. I should note I do not completely remember what he was wearing knowing Richie a tight fiting shirt and some perfect body hugging jeans. Actaully on that note I am wrong he was wearing black karate pants I remember the way they moved on his body. He was very comfortably dressed.But who could remember such details when you are awe struck. In his house the living room was to front of us and the kit was to the right with a stiar way on the right I remember because there was very low lighting we went left. He had told me before I had come over that his sisters were upstairs and that he was grounded or something so he couldnt leave and that we would have to be very quite. The door to the room I thought was his was right there off the foyer. He lead me in the room and well you could tell he hadnt done this kind of thing well ever before you could tell he had met with guys he was very polite  but still akward. The reason I thought it was his room even thought it was huge and grand I mean this room was GRAND. Is there was action figures batman mostly and super man. Now for this date we were going to watch a movie and cuddle. See while this wasnt a hookup per say I was coming off my ex and this was the first guy I was meeting he was soppuse to be a quick fuck and a let's do it agian. We put on the tv and he snuggled up next to me him on the left and me on the right. The bed was royally comfortable but would I except anything less from this house. We chit chatting cassaully and I rubbed his back. His skin was smooth he was slightly tan something I am not. I am casper the ghost white. I started playing with his hair. It's his weakness and turn on His hair is baby angel soft thick but not too thick. Picture boy next door looks. He showed me the tattoo he had recently gotten on his side a yin yang with blue in it it's very hard to describe it streches across his ribs half way under his arm it ends a little under his rib cage on his left side. He had a little 3 pack which was sexy smooth and elf like earring in his ear two on the back part of his ear. At this point I had never had peircings or tattoos I was deathly scared of needles. At this point I took a chance and kissed his tattoo slowly rising his shirt up licking up till I got to his mouth. That is when it all becomes fuzzy kissing him launched feelings I had never felt before almost like a wolf howling at the moon finding his soul mate at last. Something I would like to add is when Richie cuddled him his body fit perfectly like a missing puzzle peice slide into place.I kissed him down then I pulled him up then I pulled him into my lap then throwing him bed on the bed licking every part of his body he kissed me up and I kissed him down evenetaully him ending up in my lap agian. The first time I threw him down to the left side foot of the bed the second to the right side head of the bed . Our hands grabbed and explored we kissed for two maybe two and half hours we still somehow stayed clothed in our underwear only but none the less we did stay clothed. We then layed side by side agian him on the left me on the right it was time to see I was dying to see his manhood and I know he wanted to see mine. Somewhere during this night i found out he was a virgin and he planned to keep it that way and I was ok with that and agreed to be good. But somehow after play fighting I now realise because if he really didnt want me to touch him I now know 3rd degree black belts can make it where you dont I fished his prick out and started to play with it his was slightly tanner then mine but I did realise something rather quickly and check it. His penis was only 3/4ths of a inch shorter then mine and was just as thick. While kissing and mutaully touching each other He wasnt getting me off see I got hit by a car when I was younger and it messed with my system unless you do it right I never get off. So he became more and more lustful if we swapped bjs I am sure but they were simple and not full hearted attempts  he should abandoned all hope and got lost in the passion which lead to me still rubbing him without thinking and soon I know it's funny to say and only he would understand but he rainbowed literally it went right over our heads. I would like to note when I kiss I never open my eyes it is a sign of attraction if both parties do not open their eyes it means they are into it. He went and got something to clean up with in the bathroom off the the right I didnt go in I began dressing. and I just remembered this At the end of the night I didnt have a shirt because he had ripped it off of me. Dont worry I got him back at a later time and Ill tell you that story later. So he gave me a lady gaga shirt of his and I fit it he then drove me home but before leaving we took a picture of us holding onto one another which now that I think back on it is very very odd. I couldnt stay longer cause it was morning and it was time for him to get ready for school as you all remember he was a highschool boy still. He drove a car that was ok the only ungrand thing I had seen about this house and as he drove away I knew this wasnt a one night stand I also knew the curse I have lived by a very very long time if I dont sleep with the guy the first night of meeting them I usaully end up in a long term relationship with them if i do well it's doomed to be a stand sad to say. But this is the story of how I met Richie even thought the story everyone was told was we met in the mall not that anyone ever believed that. lol xoxo Love<~Peter~>

p.s. when he left he def had goofy sex hair my hands loved his freaking silk head

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Bois

I guess one should know most of my stories I am about to tell have to do with my list of bois

There is Jack the boy i met on blogger and became intertwined with I also call him Anubis

There is Army Boi who taught me the world is mine for the taking

There is Lordd my drag mother and my first older lover

Bad Boi or I call Stelly who showed me the addictions of the world and how evil and unevil they are I started drinking and smokin because of him and was introduced to other things I never thought he live past 27 he turned 27 this year

Karate Boi or richie the boy who stole my heart and took me 2 years to get over

Pan Boy a older man who never seems to age just stays forever young and twinky living for the party

Candian Boi my current sorta fling that has ended but hasnt he started at 26 then 18 then 30 his real age is 30

there is also Paul and Bruce too very well off guys I went to live with awhile and made a friendship that lasted for the ages

Gay Boi my adopted gay lil brother evil and yet not

Most if not all my stories will have one of these chars in them so let the stories unravel and maybe once I am done everyone will understand a little more about me and why I am the way that I am could it be I have finally become jaded after so long of not Love<~Peter~>


Years ago I started this blog for my place to go I was a teenage boy alone looking for something I could not get in my daily Life. Reading back on my blog I find it full of mad ramblings about nothings of life and yet it shows me the state of mind I was in. I was lonely and ready to take on the world. I have lived alot of life and come so far from the boy who use to write this boy. At that time I had never had a bf now I have had 6 bfs all meanings the world to me and all teaching me a lesson. I have had other as well flings and I have moved all over this great country and really explored growing into my roots and to tell you life has really speed up and basically the on botton was hit but now it seems i am the same as I was some 4 years ago lonely and not knowing what the next step in my life is and truely I hope that once agian maybe this blog can help lead the way just a little bit. I guess to begin I must start where I left off . Where was I... When this blog was last sussecful me and Jack were enjoying our romance and we enjoyed it nearly a year and half still the longest relationship ever I had just met army boi this guy who broke me out of my shell he was great I evenetaully agreed with Jack that I couldnt be with him due to not being able to touch and someone who loves sex as much as I do must touch but funny thing 5 years down the line me and jack are now to be married in 5 more years and promised to each other he is mad at me cause I slept with a girl for the first time and tried to have a baby. but I am getting ahead of myself ...all these stories I am not sure where to start ill try this agian later promise Love<~Peter~>

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still blogging

Hey guys I have returned to blogging I am just not blogging here if you wish to read my blog add me on fb it's in my notes or Peter Day I something don't remember to post here and I see fb everyday so yeah love you guys Love Peter

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

i wsih to never promise

I am sadly not a man of his word it is not that i m untrust worthy it is just I need to be reminded ...But as they says here what youand never being bored b miseed in my life.

I sometimes feel like in this relationship I am the one pulling all the wirgh he doesnt want to have sex i cook clean and do a lot of stuff. And have been struggling with a recent weigh problem I am not 170 which I usaully weigh around 150 and him even joking about it hurts lik staying he didnt like me wearing his shirt cause i strecthed it out really hurt but th reason why I say this is I cant seem to keep a promise like not smokin so simple yet so hard not sleeping in and just not getting depresed which I do at times we all do... I seem to have nothingg I really want to do and yet I just dont know I honestly dont know what the future hold last year I had a year of adventures random sex partying a little drugs just never being bored waking up and being naked with bad boi on me asleep then just getting coffee not worrying about what naked boys we had brought home last night cause i was happy with my body naked now i just cant do that I have a settled life and people ask us if we are a married couple and I am no that guy is it bad I miss my party life i know if I started doing all that I did living life on the go I would be hott and wanted and get sex whenever I wanted where ever I wanted I was that guy/.... am i ready to settle down I hate when nothing as been done all day and he tells me I just want to relax today... i am tired of relaxing.... abd he is too he wants to go dancing i want one random out of the box adventure that doesnt invlove food


p.s. if you want a refence to my life watch strapped even the umm selling part i have done kinda explains a lot

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's tuedays

    Have you all noticed I post on Tuedays? It's weird but I kinda like it I mean it gets you over the Mondays and nothing intresting happens on a Tuesday. So this is my evil plan I am going to post on Tuesday so everyone is so bored they have to read this crap I write down for the whole world to see.
                              Anyone noticing the indents well yall better be.!?

Now guys I need your attention before I write the blog blah blah it has come to my attention while I was commenting that some of youfollowers like to take your pants off for your photo. Now I am very free and I love to be nude and have posed nude for serval private modeling jobs from Lake Charlas to Houston. But I am trying to reach a young crowd and be the voice that helps them through all the utter shit they do not have to go through I want a parent to see my blog and say yes son we can read this together because maybe just maybe his journey can help us with yours. Now I do keep some very well labal rated R bogs because I am friends with the owners and they are of good quailty and I actaully allowed one of the R blogs to do a shoot with me last year. This was while I was away...
 So I have contacted my tech guy Jay who has a blog himself here (since I am remodeling I do not have all my link resources off hand...)  to see if he can find a way to move you to another page sorry but your penis' are cute like a puppy not I want to gobble them down so no pervy perv emails. which btw new email  and I love you guys just yeah pull em up! I have never done a nudey post and never will...sorry I aint porn I is me and me aint porn unless me doin you then youd think you were in a porn with the way you b actin fool.. its chill chill ...anybody esle get annoyed by that kind of typing ME ME ME!!!

          Btw if i dont have a solution your blog will be removed if you have a nude image as you front cover I am still considering if butts count...Now onwards I have morning coffee soon...

    So I am not sure where to start. I have lasped completely went over board. I am now considering medical treatment. Yesterday everything was good then the air got thicker like it was running out and my heart racing and i was pacing whie my bf watched trying to laugh me out of it finally he asked for a hug which i gave to him and burst into tears for like a hour then went back to pacing finlly we came up stiars and watched ugly betty. I thought I was considering I felt like I needed to faint. So then I woke up shakey sick to my stomach and lightheaded feeling. Which to wake up to is not a good feeling I still have the sick to my stomach had it all day and the shakeness casaully there not sure what the hell is wrong but I know i hate myself for it and I know i hate that i have it and am not strong eugh to handle it that it is effecting my life. I went a whole year and two deaths without having one and now this third death in my room of all places just got to me striking to close to home. Rayne is trying to stay by me but he has college all day and he goes every day of the week but he always comes home as soon as he can to make sure i am not unnessarly left home alone while dog sitting for his sister ...hey it's money.
     I do feel scared of him leaving me for someone more stable someone who can provide for him we had sex me on top for the first time in a long time he could take when we first started he rode the carsel a little to often and it wasnt good for him it started hurting so we have had to use meds to get him better which it got to a point where i resented it but i understood even thought i was not having sex for the longest time in my life spand. my baby was getting better for me. And now he is better so we have to work our way towards the goal him being tight like a V agian but I am understanding and can wait because in love you wait and hope and you do that alot. But you dont care because it's your baby.            Love<~Peter~>

p.s. i want to tell yall about everything about today but I think it is better saved for another blog post!

So here the deal I will be doing another blog post this friday just for my amazing fans and me and rayne might pull up the blog radio thing so let me know if yall would like that


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dear, Reader

         Somehow in life I am forgetful. It seems as if I remember everything a week after it happens. If you ask me something I just did then I will not be able to tell you where I put that very important paper that you need right this second. GOD! I ain't no mircle worker. I am very lucky to remember what I do.  Which is probably why I forgot to blog for about a week that and well I was living life everytime I got online I was doing other things now I know, I know yall want to hear about my life, but I have gotten some great comments I would like to respond to.

"always good to hear from you I agree it good to have someone had my BF over two years now although I consider Scot my partner these days sounds more official for some reason .Also I too have been helping out with a support group of Gay teenagers it has opened my eye`s a little made me feel grateful for what I have compared to others . Lee
   You have always been one of the cutest bloggers here and I have always enjoyed you blog it is nice to see you are still around and finally after a very, very long time actaully commenting lol. In ways it is good to have a boyfriend. Yes, I will say sometimes I wish to could just be done. Leave just so I didn't have all the stress go back to my old life. I wouldn't have all that I worry about if I wasn't part of my life but then I remember that I love him and we are together and you just stop looking at it as me and look at it as WE. I hope you and Scot can become offical and rough it out which I am sure yall already do. And the Gay group I worked with was to say the least a mob yes they help but anyone who works for them they hurt."
"Hi there, Peter

It's good to hear from you again - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

I'm glad to hear you're still with your boyfriend. Good luck with your studies - learning something new helps keep the brain active, and you never know when what you learn might be useful.

Good luck, too, with your youth projects - I think you can do a lot of good for others.

Take care

Dear Mark
Thank you for so much of your surport and the words of encourgement and me too I am so glad to hear I am still going strong with him. Can I tell you how hard it is to be in a 7 month relationship and how you get in fights where you forget what the fuck you are fighting about. How they can just end suddenly then it's all fixed and you are hugging each other, after just a few seconds ago wanting to rip each other apart. It's confusing as hell. And yeah I think I feel my rusty old gears being oiled. I read this book called Flight the first chapter is completely horrible then it gets weird then it becomes a amazing noval obessed with penis. So I def! learned somethin new a crap beginning doesnt mean a crap end and all these classes have to do with Indians.....Weird!"
"Welcome back! Looking forward to the new endeavor!

Peace <3 br="br">Jay
Dear, Jay
 I am to my last endeavor was I started a painting company which was a amazing experince until the owner of the home who was the head of a car dealership tried to short change us ....long story short never trust a car sells man. He stole paint brushes for godsakes."
"Every young gay guy needs a bf in bed with him; gay or straight I despise the guilt trip laid on young people over the perfectly healthy activity of love and sex. Most of the sex-haters are the ones who are not getting any, and misery loves company.
-Peter, quit smoking immediately. It is an unsexy habit that just gets worse and more addictive as the years pass. It killed my younger brother last year with a massive heart attack from 40 yrs of heavy smoking. It is very expensive too and you can buy a car with the money you save. Remember it takes many months to get over it for good, and never touch another one. - Wayne :)
Dear ,Wayne
 The only problem I have with sharing a bed with my bf is that one he is a bed hog and two I have one of those guys scare of death and now that I am truely falling in love with him I can never sleep properly waking up all hours of the night to check his breathing and if he doesnt breathe fast eugh waking him up or poking him.... I know it's psycho. But it's one of my annoying ways I show my love I think it stems from when my little brother slept with him and he has asma so I had to constantly wake up and make sure he was breathing. And I wish I was getting laid more regurally I actaully went the longest without sex in a relationship then out....and I am trying just me I am i can go about two to three weeks without and for the last year almost I have only bought one pack of cigs. I have figured out the art of getting free cigs somehow. So no money wasted of mine on it which is at least one postive."
"Oh yeah, whatever happened to Jack? People should really close out a blog with a suitable post. I hope he is ok. - Wayne
Dear , PS Wayne
First of all I must address that picture of your because you look like a sexy mofo is it really you?
Now with that out of the way Me and Jack don't talk all that often usaully I will hack his fb and track him down to get him to contact me he has off to uni and is a medie film student. He has since lost his V card to a douchbag... I really wanted that damn V card. And yes Jack I know I call every guy your with a douchbag asshole pirck freak of nature... I get jealous of boy who wants my boys even if I am not with them. Guess they will always be in my heart. He is working in a pub. And has been with a cutie for about a month or so.See I said something postive..."
"Well, good for you, Peter!


Dear, Andy
I dont quite know how to respond to this so here is a random story. So me and my boy are very unromatic it about sex I have always been this way but then one day he decides to get some sexy underwear. they were way to small so he put a big shirt of mine. and waited in the room for me omg was he a sight. He doesn't like sex much I could have it all the time an he gets horny about once a month... Or jacks off in the shower which pisses me off I mean really?! well he was all sexy like so I tore off my shirt got between his legs put him on my shoulders shoved him agianst the wall on my shoulders sucking his dick then bringing him down slwly his body up removing his shirt with him on knee kissing him then lubing up sticking it in him letting him backwards so his hands were touching the ground doing a backwards wheel barrel. Going after him rubbing his stiffness till he gives me his youth on my chest him clamping down and giving him my feel good. Then Exhuasted I dropped him for a second...Point of the story one moment ruins a amazing moment even amazing fucking sex."
Thank you for all your comments I love yall always if there is anything you wanna know ask away I am very honest Love<~Peter~>