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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Today instead of blogging I have released some previously unsee. Drafts of my blog so enjoy Nd remember I now have a gofundme so if you wish to donate towards me and jack finally being together here is the link....

Thanx Love <~Peter~>

My viticm story-unreleased draft

Fell no pity for these things are things of my past. I went to the doctor today and they said I was fine but to give it one more day to pass just in case. So instead of sitting around the house and doing nothing I decided to dig out the work my cousular gave me and get it done. Below is some of my story something that happened long ago. I write this to help people understand they don't stand a lone and you can be a amazing creature it doesn't have to drive you into dark. You can raise above it. This story contains things of graphic nature you this kinda of thing offends you please leave. It involves the abuse and torture of a six year old boy if that bothers please leave. Now that I have all the legal things taken care of here we go.

Why must we live here? Why can't we go live with mawmaw and pawpaw. I hate it here. Since we have been here all T, Z and C want to do is have their stupid club meetings. I have to say some of the ways they touch me I love the feeling on my body. To be rubbed there it shouldn't feel good. I shouldn't react this way but I just my penis it just reacts in shameful ways. Hell I react in shameful ways. To be touched that way it feels good. So so wrong. Stopppppppppppppp I try to yell but instead of that my sinful body just creates moans. I feel so exposed they make me go out of the shed and show my body off. Me naked to their clothed body. They touch they feel. Z says I am his sevrant, T has claimed C his. He won't let T touch his stuff he says. I am stuff I am a play toy. He says he loves the way I make him feel how I cause him pleasure with my mouth on his boy dick. No one esle can make him feel this way. Sometimes that makes me feel so good when he says that. I feel so empty afterwards when I want to be held like the adults get held when their lover says they love them. Z doesn't hold me like that. He says this is the way boys love not like those lovers

(hides paper behind back)

Sorry guys T just called a important club meeting. That means it's time to be stripped and be good little servants. C is smiling. I hate that fucking smile. I wish I could wipe it off his fucking face. He knows Ze uses me harder then t ever will push his limits. The first time they did this they beat me to show me what happens to bad boys who tell. They shoved a baseball bat end up my ass the had a wooden paddle it whipped across my flesh over and over agian. And as much as troy cant touch z stuff. his friend certianly can I dont know how many boys have touched my naked body. whipped me hit me forced me on their pricks. I remember one had a big one and he stuck it in me this is my torture I hate it so much. my body it hurts. please some one save me. why why WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. MY FLESH IS NOT MADE TO BE USED THIS WAY
I grimmly walk down the hall of death for good reasons i call it that. I have just come to hate the very walls of this house.I walk into the room zane patts the spot next to him and smiles his best smile. Why do I feel feelings of joy towards him? Do i love him? NO that cant be???? How can I love one who does this to me?I am so confused...someone please please help me. I look over to troy his hand in chases lap.I really dont think he minds. Who am I kidding i dont mind either. I take my seat next to z I remember that zne picked me as his. z looks excited I know exactly what is on his mind. i see it in his eyes. He then looks away clears his throat and asks troy if we can start. T says oh yeah. They talk about the club for a while their hands never leaving our bodies . T then says we should start club activies. z hands go down my body removing his and mine clothes i lay there looking at the clock until his prick is on my lips/ they then put a blankten over the top bunk of the beds we are on and since it is pushed aginst the closet t and chase get ont he floor while me and z get on the bed . so its harder to get caught. if they come in we just say we are playing forts . they never check inside.

guys this is to hard to rewrite i will just say it went on ten more years with z and others and blah but i am about to cry you heard most of it i guess iam not as over as i thought oh well Love<~Peter~.

Have you ever wondered?-unreleased draft

So i went to the doctor they said all clear but give it one more day. So i did the work my cousular gave me I was going to post my viticm story from when i was abused but guys sorry i am not ready. So here is a kinda substite post I have been planning on.

So have you ever wondered?\

Who is the sexxiest man alive?

it says ryan reynolds but I think they have the first name messed up for jack reynolds

why you arent born with pubic hair?
well google doesnt have that answer

What is the leading cause of death?
heart disease

Anverage penis size?
about 5 inches me and jack are above average then( i will say its more like 7)

(Edited part taken down due to embrassment of what I asked)

I dont think they are cysts because they dont have hair coming out of them. hey dont hurt and ive had them for months... but they are annoying, especially if i was with a girl:s

could they just be due to puberty and the fact that my balls may be sweaty?


let's clear up the AIDS thing first. You cannot catch HIV from a toliet seat (no incident has been reported as yet) and please, I hope you're not going around touching public toliet seats! HIV is transmitted via semen and blood usually. Put your mind at rest about that one especially if you're a virgin and not doing drugs.
I doubt they are warts if you can squeeze 'white stuff' from them as well as herpes as this would cause more of a rash, blistery sign.
They possibly could be cysts and this is very common. They don't cause problems except maybe for the look of them.
Please note that if this is the case, it wouldn't be pus coming out as this would be sign of an infection, it's probably just hard white material that's clogged up in it.
If you are generally concerned or if they become bigger or painful, see your GP.

Take Care


Can Boys Do The Splits? If they have no nuts, yes. ... You have to be real flexible and if you cannot go all the way down please don't

umm so have you ever wondered

houston-unreleased draft

Dear Readers,

To my readers and those of you who just come across my blog. I am truely sorry I havent been writing as much as I use to and I am truely sorry for losing touch with the blogger community. I have had computer access it's just sometimes I don't know what to type I have been so busy it's not even funny. Right now I am, YEs I am you can't be afriad to step out of the box sometimes and do something crazy if you are always sae you can never live. It will always just be the same thing.
See the guy I am with his name is Ryan he is amazin and yeah we are having sex and we are havin it often though he says i am a tad oer sexaul which hylo horny 18 yr old boy d plus he doesnt go out much and likes to stay home all the time so i am going to get bored and want sex it's just a given

chicken pecking-unreleased draft

so this is going to take forever to write. i'm on the wii typing this out. now let's let the games begin.
to begin let's just say i've met a guy well let's just say i have met many guys.
and let me tell they have been to say the leas they have all been chars... omg this is going to take forever==music on==much. now i just may not be able to stay in order that would be way hard. now with every guy i meet it seems like there is always another guy that comes attached. this very much seems the new theme of the summer. dous...anyone esle notice it or is it just me.
now take my friend nathan he is someone i have been chatting with forever. now a little back story is before my bday i got jealous of armyboy and yeah went to mardi graw and didnt takeme with him. no instead picking me up after he went. soooo i got on a4a and arranged to go with a guy from my area/nathans ex who is engaged/ well in the end i got caught and failed getting out of that one..
well his ex told him about it yeah that was a very intresting convo...

Never before seen Draft theres a reason it was never seen.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Story of Joshiepoo

I met josh well off of grindr see I was a house boi the problem was I have to put into a certain mindset to bottom basically I am submissive whwn my partner can make me submissive trying to hard or basically not is a good way to make me not in that mind set. See while I agreed onnbeing a house boi I learn havung sex for somewhere to stay was not my thing which eventually ended up with my being asked to leave I  would honestly pay rent I mean the cooking and cleankng I can do but yeah I am just not house boi material even though I love sex

Which I will say one of the guys turned me on to no end juat his partner was not my cup of tea but hey I have had my fair share of fucked up relationships and honestly I do t jugde what works for some people works. And they have a good thing I   hope to one day have myself

Basically out of boredom and I akrwady knew what was coming I invited a guy over and had fun.. but right as we were getting home one of the guys came home and well his car was parked out front I was how you say fucked.

So he left  I went and took a nap and later on like I knew it would the guy came in and tols me it would be beat to leave and I honestly agrees....oops so there is more to the whole house boi story but I took to good old soical media and found a roommate in 20 mins on adam4adam that should have been my first clue something was up.

But to this day josh is still my friend like a puppy you kick and just wont go away why he is my friens I will never oh well I am glad I get a cuddle buddy tonight Love <~Peter~>

P.s. I still think of ways I could made that not be uncovered by making him park in the park  across the street throwing over a ten ft fence but in the end I would have had to leave from that place anyhow...just wish I never had to deal with thw roommate from heal