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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

i wsih to never promise

I am sadly not a man of his word it is not that i m untrust worthy it is just I need to be reminded ...But as they says here what youand never being bored b miseed in my life.

I sometimes feel like in this relationship I am the one pulling all the wirgh he doesnt want to have sex i cook clean and do a lot of stuff. And have been struggling with a recent weigh problem I am not 170 which I usaully weigh around 150 and him even joking about it hurts lik staying he didnt like me wearing his shirt cause i strecthed it out really hurt but th reason why I say this is I cant seem to keep a promise like not smokin so simple yet so hard not sleeping in and just not getting depresed which I do at times we all do... I seem to have nothingg I really want to do and yet I just dont know I honestly dont know what the future hold last year I had a year of adventures random sex partying a little drugs just never being bored waking up and being naked with bad boi on me asleep then just getting coffee not worrying about what naked boys we had brought home last night cause i was happy with my body naked now i just cant do that I have a settled life and people ask us if we are a married couple and I am no that guy is it bad I miss my party life i know if I started doing all that I did living life on the go I would be hott and wanted and get sex whenever I wanted where ever I wanted I was that guy/.... am i ready to settle down I hate when nothing as been done all day and he tells me I just want to relax today... i am tired of relaxing.... abd he is too he wants to go dancing i want one random out of the box adventure that doesnt invlove food


p.s. if you want a refence to my life watch strapped even the umm selling part i have done kinda explains a lot


  1. Hi Peter,

    You need to be able to "do your thing," whatever it might doesn't necessarily have to be partying/drugs/random sex.

    If he wants to veg out on the couch, let him!

    I don't think you should have to sacrifice part of yourself to be in a relationship.

    So get involved and busy in some creative endevors!



    (ps, you are too young to be!)

  2. Most relationships are two way streets, or should be. Both people should be able to be who they are while in it. If you can't, then something's amiss, and perhaps you should reevaluate the relationship.

    Go have some fun if you want to! That's not the same as cheating or anything.

    Peace <3

  3. Jay's right, relationships are a two way street a battle of give and take. You just have to be honest and up front with each other. You wanna go out and party like a wild thing, then tell him and enjoy life, especially when you ate young enough to still be able to do it!

  4. Maybe you need some balance in life. Partying is fine in moderation but too much leads to the downhill slide. You are a young man so why not use a little self-discipline and get into an exercise routine? If you want to stay slim and trim simply pay attention to what your are eating, and go out and jog for an hour each day; nice to get out into nature away from it all and the health benefits are immense. Exercise gets easier as you keep a routine and your body builds up.
    -Don't give up trying to quit cigs for good; it can take a number of trys before you succeed. A jogging routine helps relieve stress and makes quitting easier. Talk with your partner about sharing household duties; don't be a doormat. - Wayne :)